Lemon Desires

Desire is everywhere.  I was recently presented with a number of items and invited to choose the one I desired – I went straight to a lemon.

Lemon Desires


This lemon wants to have my attention – and it does.

It wants me to break open its bright yellow skin.

As I do, my desire increases with its

only-possible-as-lemon scent.

Its desire meets and engages my desire.

We are in a mutual desire relationship.


This lemon wants its seed released

to germinate, to reach for the warmth,

then the light of the sun.


This lemon wants to express its treeness –

to root, branch, leaf and blossom –

to open its blossom, exude nectar and pollen –

to arouse the desire of bees.

The exotic, erotic blossom desires to pollenate

and be pollenated.


This lemon embraces the desire of

seed, tree and blossom to fruit –

and requires the whole cosmos

for its fulfilment.

I desire to be a willing participant

in this relationship of desire –

to see, to touch, to hold, to smell,

to break into, to taste –

too sour!

Author: MaryAB

4 thoughts on “Lemon Desires”

  1. Mary, that’s delicious.
    “I desire to be a willing participant in this relationship of desire” and “This lemon wants to …arouse the desire of bees” and “Its desire meets and engages my desire” are vital and engaging and sexy.
    So is “It wants me to break open its bright yellow skin.”
    Without the former, the latter causes trouble. But both are necessary and true.
    Yesterday I went through the beehive, adding space for a desirous queen, and set up an empty hive for a possible swarm of desirous bees. They were so gentle – not a cross buzz. Blissful desire.
    Anyway – I think this is sensational sensory writing.

    1. Thank you so much, Andrew! I was writing the notes for this at the piano in your session. I did feel in a relationship with the lemon – a relationship of desire.

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