What’s Happening Here

My initial enquiry, the focus of my blog posts up to early 2020, was about going deeply into desire.  The intention was to explore what it was I wanted on a deep level.  That enquiry actually began in 2016, but I started the blog two years later.  During 2019 I reached a place of sensing what it was I really was wanting – to open more to connection in a full sense.  I had just started pulling the enquiry together into a book form when some big things occurred – for me and for others.  First, the movement teacher, Suprapto Suryodarmo, who has been a strong influence and inspiration for me for many years, died.  This was followed by the Covid19 pandemic and then by the death of my meditation teacher, Rob Burbea.  I have been swirling around, floating rather than swimming, ever since.  My instinct to enquire has remained, but my sense of direction and focus feels very uncertain.  Uncertainty does seem to be a personal and global quality of being now.  I understand, of course, that it always has been so – but awareness of this has been hugely heightened.   My desires to open and to go deeper have remained – but I also want to “offer”.  There needs to be a balance between my inner and outer experience and activity.  What this might mean, or become, seems to be what I am enquiring into now.

Feel free to just read this blog without needing to comment.  But, a word about “Comments”:  It’s is a bit of a misnomer for this blog.  I really do not want “Like”!  If you feel moved to comment, what I am inviting is for you to share your experience and reflections as contributions to the discussion.  The result can then be co-creative and an opening up of perspectives on the whole enquiry area.

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