My current enquiry project is to go deeply into DESIRE.

I will be exploring my own experience with and perspectives on desire, as well as pulling in from my reading and other research as many other perspectives as possible.

I hope to include:

  • the desire to create
  • the desire to understand
  • the desire for place / home
  • the desire to connect
  • the desire for change
  • the desire for meaning
  • the desire to EAT!
  • other physical desires
  • the desire for peace of mind / peace in the world
  • the desire to have an impact on others / on the world

This list is potentially endless – as desires are!

A word about “Comments”:  It’s is a bit of a misnomer for this blog.  I really do not want “Like”!  What I am inviting is for you to share your experience and reflections as contributions to the discussion, if you wish to.  The result can then be co-creative and an opening up of perspectives on the subject of desire.

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