About Me

My name is Mary.  I live in Devon and have worked as a dramatherapist for many years .  Now retired, I am able to give greater attention to my desire to pursue creativity and deepen my understanding of what it means to be alive.  The so-called “natural world” is hugely important to me and provides me with great inspiration.  I need regular doses of being outside in the garden, in the woods, by the sea and on the moor.  Being human, I am also deeply curious about what being human actually means.

I love the written & spoken word, sensory & metaphoric images, movement, theatrical performance and ways of bringing these together.

I have written three books.  One is a dramatherapy text, Developmental Drama which is intended to support teachers and dramatherapists who work with people with multiple disabilities.  The other, Nothing Special, is a mixture of photos, poems and essays around the theme of fear and vulnerability.  The third book is Touching the Flame, An Enquiry into Deep Desire, which began its life on this blog.