The Pleasure of Drowning

I heard the dancer and choreographer, Akram Khan, use the phrase “the pleasure of drowning” in a talk he gave recently.  Like an arrow, it went straight into my body/mind as soon as he said it.  For me, it relates to the word perishable but puts a unique and unexpected perspective on it.  Here is my response:

The Pleasure of Drowning


In those last few seconds,

fear can become curiosity

and wonder –

letting go of struggle –

all limbs in a liquid embrace.


It must be similar

falling from a great height –

the possibility of becoming

totally absorbed – pressed

hard against the invisible.


But we are earth beings.

Drowning or falling,

in water or air,

we will be returned

to earth.


Let me open myself to earth

with all the pleasure

of falling

or drowning.