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  • Sandra


... Sandra

Thank you Mary.
Thank you
Warm love Sandra xx

... Sandra

Warm data in a lemon/woman poem…x

... Sandra

I love this poem too! x

... Sandra

Desiring the process – desire for the process…
that seems to be close to ‘being with change’
thank you for your postings Mary x

... Sandra

A few meandering thoughts …

I enjoy your passion for naming and it stimulates me to explore a different relationship with the Buddhist ‘naming’ as a meditative and movement practice.

Reading this Desire to Name blog, I feel delight, wonder, amazement and my belly feels warm.
I feel the extraordinary diversity of being, the colours and shapes and sounds of the ‘horizontal’ human life

When I read your haunting poems about Longing in the previous blogs, I feel a familiar pulling up and forwards and an emptiness inside that murmurs that it will never, can never be filled , can never be satisfied. I have often wondered in my many times of longing, in my habit of longing whether it is a misplaced impulse, longing for something or someone on the’ horizontal’ when in fact , the impulse belongs to a craving for the Divine.

Longing for me is definitely not desire – in fact, I feel as if it stands in the way of desire, tempting me to step out of the moment, into a condition of non-commitment.